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Piccolo kibble is the perfect size and shape for small mouths providing just the right satisfying crunch.

100% natural, wholesome ingredients for a healthier, happier dog

Piccolo kibble is the perfect size and shape for small mouths providing just the right satisfying crunch.

High meat content for a strong muscle growth

Piccolo contains up to 75% meat providing the protein and energy that a small dog needs for a healthy body and strong muscles.

A great taste

The Piccolo range is both delicious and nutritious to satisfy even the fussiest eater. Using a combination of high meat content and wholesome natural ingredients, Piccolo has the taste your dog will absolutely love, without the use of artificial flavourings.

Grain Free

Piccolo’s grain free recipes provide a more nutritionally appropriate diet than grain filled varieties. Grain free plus significantly reduced carbohydrates

Highly digestible ingredients for less stool volume - less clean up!

Piccolo’s high quality ingredients are chosen for their easy digestibility resulting in less to clear up which is good news for dog owners Piccolo is nutritionally denser than lesser quality feeds. With lower feeding amounts required and high digestibility, compared to inferior brands, you will notice less dog's "poop" volume.

Preserved naturally

Piccolo products are preserved with mixed tocopherols, a blend of vitamin E which gives Piccolo Dog food its long shelf life. Piccolo does not contain artificial preservatives.

Easier on the stomach so fewer stomach upsets

When feeding Piccolo you can be assured of the highest quality ingredients which are gentle on the stomach and easily digested. This lowers the chances of digestive upsets. Highly digestible ingredients increases your dog’s ability to absorb goodness from the food

New in this month


Pet Munchies Dog Stix!

After the amazing success of Pet Munchies Natural Range of Dog Treats! The lovely people at Pet Munchies have now released another scrummy Dog Treat.

Pet Munchies Dog Stix contain 5 chewy, delicious meaty dog chews that your Dogs will love. In 4 tasty new flavours: Chicken, Lamb, Venison and Duck!

Not only are they NEW! Not only are they HEALTHY! Not only are they TASTY!

Lily’s Kitchen Cat Dry Food!

Lily’s Kitchen Dog Food has been flying off our shelves for a few years now and so when Lily’s Kitchen told us they were revamping their Cat Dry Food we got very excited. After a long wait we are pleased to announce the launch of their NEW dry Cat Food.

Available in 4 varieties: Kitten, Chicken, Fish and Senior! We know that all the kitty cats out their will love this purrfect new food.

Easter Eggs For Dogs!

Easter is getting Egg-stremely close (See what we did there?!) So make sure your Doggy doesn’t miss out on this egg-citing (Ok I’ll stop now) holiday!

With prices starting from as little as 99p there is not reason your favourite four-legged friend can’t have a little taste of Easter too!

Meowing Heads New Cat Food Range

The Happy Chappies at Pet Food UK have added to their purr-fect range of Cat Food which is great news for all our feline friends.

Check out their new flavours here:

Keep your eye peeled too! We have a lot of exciting new products coming soon!

Does your Dog or Cat suffer from an ailment?

Pet Tag Engraving


Did you know?

In the UK, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on a tag?  Your telephone number is optional (but we would recommend this).

You can be fined up to £5,000 if your dog does not wear an identification tag.

New Instore and Online Anco Natural Dog Treats

Here at A Coombs Pet Centre we know that we have a responsibility to our customers to make sure that we sell the very best in Pet Treats, Food and Toys. This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly and as such we are always vetting, researching and testing new products.

With that said we are excited to announce the launch of a tasty & healthy new range of Dog treats that meet with our high standards. What is this new range of Pet Treats we hear you ask? It’s Anco Natural Dog Treats!

Anco Natural Dog Treats come in a variety of packs from Goose Necks to Deer Hide and Wild Boar Trotters. They are 100% Natural and Tasty and carry the following promises from Anco:

  • NO Artificial Colourings
  • NO Artificial Fragrances
  • NO Artificial Flavours
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Additives
  • Gluten Free Treats

With so many pet treats available in discount stores containing hidden nasties, E numbers and a variety of cereals it is so refreshing to see this range of natural and nutritious treats with simple and transparent ingredients.

You can rest at ease when you feed your Dog one of these yummy new snacks. It’s a range that takes dog treats back to basics, back to nature. The way pet treats should be.

Have a look through this new range today, be bold and treat your Dog to something new, something tasty, something healthy - Anco Natural Dog Treats!

Brand NEW in our Store - The Cheshire Cat's Garden

Discover our new range of simple & honest recipes, all packed full of protein, expertly combined with select natural ingredients, specially formulated to keep all kittens, adults and senior cats happy and healthy everyday.

Available in 7 different varieties that we're sure your Cat will love! Pop in store or shop online for this purrrrrrfect new Cat Food.


Canagan Dog Food is a grain free complete dog  food that mimics our dogs ancestral diet. Dogs are carnivores, they get the majority of their nutritional needs from meat sources. with the remainder coming from fruits and vegetables. Canagan matches this ratio perfectly, so it is much more nutritionally accessible. Gram for gram, your dog will receive more nutrition from each mouthful of Canagan than from grain packed pet foods.


Keep your pet calm this Firework Season!


1. To help your dog feel safe this year a little calm reassurance from you, should they seek it, will go a long way. Don’t fuss though, as this can make their behaviour worse. Act and behave as you normally would and most importantly remain calm as your pet will look to you for a response to the noise. Never ignore your dog if they seek comfort and give them treats when they are behaving calmly, any toys they have an attachment to will also provide some reassurance.

2. Find out when the displays are going ahead in your local area, and ask your neighbours if they are holding any firework-themed gatherings so that you can prepare. Ideally, feed and walk your dog before dusk, a while before any fireworks happen as once they start anxiety might get the better of your pet and they could become too anxious to eat.

3. Provide your pet with a little “den” they can retreat to if it all gets a bit much. This could simply be a table or a chair, with a sheet placed over it. Line the den with their favourite toys, treats and your unwashed clothes so that the familiar smell helps them feel safe. Put the radio or TV on to further reassure your animal that all is normal in their surroundings. Don’t shout at your dog for behaving erratic, this will make their behaviour worse. If they want to hide away let them do so without fussing, they’re just finding safety.

4. Keep animals inside when fireworks night is in full swing, even if they don’t act up; panting and pacing are signs of anxiety. Draw your curtains and shut your windows and doors. Block cat flaps /doggy doors and anything else that provides an escape route for your pet. Just in case, make sure they’re wearing a collar with an ID tag and that they’re micro chipped with their details up to date. Many animals are taken into shelters having ran away from home, you want to make your chances of being reunited should this happen as high as possible.

Dental Awareness!

This week we are shining the light on your Dog's teeth! Oral hygiene is often overlooked but it is so important to your Dog's overall health and wellbeing. It is so easy for your Dog to be suffering from sore gums or toothache and not even know it. The problem is, if left untreated bacteria from these issues can enter the bloodstream and affect their heart, kidneys or even their liver.

A report by Vets estimated that a massive 85% of all dogs over the age of 4 are suffering from some form of periodontal disease. Don't worry, don't stress and have no fear because all of these problems are preventable simply by ensuring that you look after your Dogs teeth with regular cleaning and check ups.

Like breakfast and dinner, dental care should be something you do for your dog everyday. Although, initially your Dog may not like the poking and prodding in their mouth, with a little care and patience you and your dog will soon be on the way to a doggie dental dream.

To help you begin this new stage in your petcare we have listed some of our favourite dental products below. Whether you choose to go for the non invasive dental chew option or a more intense toothpaste and toothbrush option, the most important thing is that you begin dental care today.


BBC NEWS: Ticks found on 'one third' of dogs, researchers say

The BBC News highlighted the increase in Tick cases this week. Shining the spotlight on concerning new statistics that state one third of Dogs in the UK have ticks.

Ticks that were once only thought to be found in rural countrysides have now found their way into urban areas too. The risk of your Dog catching ticks is alarming as ticks can carry Lyme disease which can be fatal to dogs and can also be transmitted to Humans.

You can find out how at risk you and your dog are by visting this website allows you to enter your location and it will tell you on a scale how at risk you are in your area.

We are advising all of our customers to make sure that they are protecting and preventing the chance of their dogs getting ticks by either using a Flea and Tick Treatment like Fiprotec and also by keeping a Tick Removal Tool such as the Tom 'o' Tick Remover at home just in case and to be aware of where they are walking their dogs.


For more information read the full story here:

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