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Robert Harper

Which Dogs Shed The Least?

If you have an allergy to pet hair, or know someone who does. You will know how frustrating it can be for them/yourself to be around a moulting Dog. Not only are Dogs one of the most irresistible animals on the planet but to be near one and not be able to pet it... well that is a whole new pain!

But wait.. before you resound yourself to a life of goldfish pet keeping, there is an answer. Did you know that there are a wide range of Dogs that moult / shed very little to not at all? Well if you didn't listen up because I am about to shed (Excuse the pun) some light on the matter.

Hypoallergenic Dogs that shed the least:

That's only a small selection of the wide variety of hypoallergenic / least pet hair shedding doggies. Remember to do a lot of research on any breed before committing to adding them to your family. It's a big commitment but if done correctly, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

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