Zebedee's 'Taco Tuesday' Cat Collar

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Introducing Zebedee's "Taco Tuesday Cat Collar" – Where Fiesta Meets Feline Fun Every Week!

Hola, taco lovers and cat enthusiasts! Get ready for a "purr-rific" fiesta with our cat collar adorned with adorable little tacos – the ultimate accessory for your fur baby's Taco Tuesday adventures!

At Zebedee, we believe in making every day a Taco Tuesday for your whiskered friend. Watch with amusement as they strut with taco-tastic charm, turning every Tuesday into a feline fiesta!

Caution: This collar may lead to weekly taco cravings and a serious case of "cat-nesia" as your feline friend forgets every day that isn't Taco Tuesday! 

Ready to spice up your cat's life with some taco magic? Don't wait a whisker longer! Grab Zebedee's "Taco Tuesday Cat Collar" and let the fiesta commence!