Tetra Pond Aquasafe 250ml

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Tetra Pond AquaSafe is a water conditioner which makes tap water safe for fish and plants. It instantly removes dangerous chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals along with adding vitamins and trace elements to reduce stress


  • Instantly removes chlorine and chloramines.
  • Neutralises heavy metals including copper, zinc and lead which are commonly found in tap water.
  • Contains natural plant extracts which protect fish’s gills and mucus layer that may have got damaged during maintenance.
  • Anti-Stress properties, optimised vitamin B mix supports the fish’s ability to cope with any form of stress, supporting the fish’s health.
  • Vitamins, iodine, and magnesium promote vitality, growth, and well-being of the fish.
  • Improves the water clarity by promoting the growth of useful bacteria.
Usage tips:
  • For use when setting up new ponds, carrying out water changes.
  • Always read the instructions carefully before use.
  • Easy to dose using measuring scale inside the bottle cap.
  • Use 50ml per 1,000 litres to remove chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals.
  • Use 25ml per 1,000 litres every 2-3 weeks for improving fish health and aiding wound recovery.
  • 250ml treats 5,000 litres of water.