Tetra MediFin 250ml

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Tetra Pond MediFin is a fast-acting remedy to treat most common fish diseases including white spot disease, fin rot and fungal infections. Suitable to treat all pond fish (including Sturgeon/Sterlets)

Tetra Pond MediFin is safe with all fish, amphibians, plants, and wildlife.

Tetra Pond MediFin:

Multi-purpose remedy for tackling the most common ornamental pond fish diseases.

Suitable for treating:

  • White spot disease.
  • Fin rot.
  • Fungal infections.
  • Skin and gill parasites.
  • Wounds and abrasions.

Fish with the following symptoms:

  • White spots or coatings.
  • Frayed fins.
  • Cotton wool like, whitish patches.
  • Clamped fins/rubbing against objects.
  • Laboured or heavy breathing.
  • Distorted swimming (swaying).

Tetra Pond MediFin disinfects garden pond water, and can also be used to prevent fish diseases, especially before and after a dormancy period or when adding new fish.

Usage tips:
  • Check your pond water quality before use (for ammonia, nitrite, pH etc) with a Tetra Test kit.
  • Remove any carbon media from your filter before use (this may remove all or part of the treatment).
  • Turn off UV filtration if used.
  • Important, read enclosed instructions before use.
  • Easy to dose using measuring scale inside the bottle cap.
  • 250ml treats 5,750 litres of water.