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Tetra Easy Balance reduces the need for frequent water changes by creating and maintaining a healthy balanced environment. Simply add 10ml per 40 litres to the aquarium every week to replace regular water changes. Perform a 50% water change using tap water conditioned with AquaSafe at least once every 6 months.

  • The general recommendation is to carry out a partial water change of approx. 25-30%, once a month. This is important to stabilize the water values and to remove an excess of substances such as nitrate (NO₃) and phosphate (PO₄), as well as to replenish important nutrients for fish and plants. Tetra EasyBalance contains a patented combination of active ingredients that ensure biologically balanced water for several months.

    This is how Tetra Easy Balance works:

    The unique combination of active ingredients guarantees balanced water for several months by reliably stabilizing the most important water values, carbonate hardness (kH) and permanent hardness (pH). Chemical changes in the water quality are minimized and the risk of the pH dropping, which is life-threatening for fish, is averted.

    The product permanently lowers nitrate (NO₃) and phosphate (PO₄) levels, which reduces algae growth.

    Tetra Easy Balance adds valuable vitamins and minerals, which are important for healthy fish and plants.

    When using Tetra Easy Balance, there is no longer any need for monthly partial water changes and the consumption of tap water is minimized. The intervals between frequent water changes are increased.

      Usage tips:
      • A well-maintained aquarium includes the right number of fish and an effective filtration system. Use good quality fish foods and keep the substrate free from debris.
      • Check your aquarium water quality regularly, (for ammonia, nitrite, pH etc).
      • When using Easy Balance ensure that the aquarium is properly filtered and aerated.
      • It is still important to keep the gravel clean while using Easy Balance. occasional siphoning with a Tetratec GC gravel cleaner or Eheim Quick Vac is recommended.
      • Easy to dose using measuring scale on the side of the bottle.
      • Use 10ml per 40 litres weekly.
      • 100ml treats 400l of water.