Natures Menu Country Hunter Superfood Mighty Mixer 1.2kg

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The ultimate choice in real and natural pet food, Country Hunter offers only the very best for your dog.

The Superfood Mighty Mixer is made from rolled oats mixed with fruits, vegetables and superfoods.
Gently baked to provide a perfect topper or mixer to complement a raw meat diet.


Oats 44%, Sweet Potato 11%, Beef Liver 10%, Peas 10%, Carrots 10%, Swede 5%, Apples 5%, Blueberries 1%, Seaweed 1%, Spinach 1%, Salmon 1%

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 15%, Crude Fat 8%, Crude Ash 3.5%, Crude Fibre 4.5%, Moisture 7%

Additives (per kg):

Vitamin A 1,000IU, Vitamin D 100IU, Vitamin E 14mg

Feeding Guide

This is a complementary product and is not designed to be fed alone.

Feed a portion of the mixer biscuit with your dog's raw meal appropriate to your dog's size, appetite and lifestyle in order to maintain a health body condition. These mixers are made from great quiality ingredients and you may not need to feed as much as other types of mixers. 

Fresh drinking water should always be available 

Adult Dog Size Grams To Feed Per Day
5-15kg 10-20g
15-25kg 20-30
25-35kg 30-40g