Selective Junior Rabbit With Spinach Food


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Supreme Selective Junior Rabbit Is Formulated Specifically For The Elevated Nutritional Requirements Of Rabbits Aged 4-20 Weeks And Pregnant And Lactating Does. This Carefully And Scientifically Chosen Blend Of High Quality Ingredients Creates A Highly Palatable Diet Which Caters For The Needs Of The Growing And Developing Rabbit, Ensuring A Good Start In Life
Through Nutritional Excellence. Supreme Science Selective Junior Rabbit Is A Highly Palatable Diet Containing Ingredients To Help Stimulate The Appetite, Helping To Encourage Regular Feeding And Nutritional Intake. Selective Rabbit Junior Is Fortified With A Blend Of High Quality Amino
Acids, Vitamins, Minerals And Herbs Carefully Selected To Provide A Natural Source Of Antioxidants. This Ensures Dietary Satisfaction And Nutritional Stability Through The Periods Of Breeding And The Early Stages Of Life.

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