Peter&Paul Peanut Butter with Mealworms Bird Food

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Garden birds go ‘nuts’ Peanut Butter which contains all the oils, nutrition and energy of peanuts in an easy to eat paste. Peanut butter intended for human consumption contain dangerous levels of salt for bird, that is why we have specially formulated Peanut Butter to be safe and as nutritious as it can be for your garden birds.

Peanut Butter have used only the very best of ingredients and the peanut we have used are aflotoxin tested and have been mixed with high quality suet, protein rich mealworms and high oil content seeds. But what makes them extra special is that we have added an exciting ingredient, Spirulina! Which has proven to be a fantastic supplement, highly beneficial for our feathered friends. Spirulina is basically an edible blue-green micro algae that naturally grows in the lakes and is a ocean of nutrients. When fed to birds it has a very interesting effect; it makes their plumage glossier, it intensifies their natural colour, improves their health and studies have shown that when the birds are fed Spirulina rich diets, they showed a great improvement in their fertility up to 96%.

Simply removing the lid and placing the jar securely on a bird table, or by smearing the peanut butter onto the trunk of a tree for more timid birds to find and sit back and enjoy the way it brings your garden to life by attracting a whole host of birds, almost certainly attracting a great number and variety than has ever been there before.


20% Peanuts, 15% Suet, 4% Mealworms, 1% Spirulina, Wheat, Sunflower Seeds, Millet, Flax, Rape Seed, Oats, Corn, Rape Seed Oil & Calcium.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 11.2%, Crude Fibre 16.2%, Crude Fats & Oils 65.7%, Crude Ash 0.7%, Crude Moisture 6.2%Peter & Paul Peanut Butter has been specifically blended to be nutritionally balanced and safe for your garden birds.