Peter&Paul Berry & Bug Suet Pellet Bird Food

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Your garden birds will adore the premium quality of Peter & Paul Suet Pellets. Their soft, semi-moist consistency provides an immediate energy source that is both incredibly palatable and highly digestible. There are so many ways of feeding these suet treats - from a Great&Small Premium Suet Pellet Feeder, mixed with your favourite Peter & Paul Seed Mix or simply on their own from a bird table, directly on the ground, or from a ground feeder tray.

Containing over three times the fat levels of other top brands and using only the finest 100% human grade edible beef dripping, is just the start of what makes, for your garden birds, Peter & Paul suet products worth the peck!

Unlike some other suet products, who use low quality suet and fill their products with cheap fillers, fillers like chalk dust and in some cases PVA glue. Peter & Paul suet products contain NO cheap fillers and only contain the finest of ingredients, including the exciting ingredient – Spirulina!

Spirulina has proven to be a highly beneficial supplement for our feathered friends. Spirulina is basically an edible blue-green micro algae that naturally grows in the lakes and when fed to birds it makes their plumage glossier, intensifies their natural colour, improves their health and increases their fertility many folds. Basically, it is wonderful and another reason why Peter & Paul suet product will not only attract the greatest number and variety of birds to your garden but also supports the health, welfare and conservation of UK birds.


18% 100% human grade edible beef dripping, Berry Colourant, 1% Spirulina, wheat flour and mixed seed (high oil seed millet, linseed and rapeseed)