Orijen Guardian 8 Cat Food

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Introducing ORIJEN® Guardian 8, a premium cat food meticulously crafted to address eight common feline ailments using the power of high-quality ingredients. Our formula harnesses the abundance of fresh and raw WholePrey animal components, reducing the need for supplements and nurturing your cat’s lifelong health. Packed with an impressive 90%* of premium animal ingredients, with two-thirds of those being fresh and raw, Guardian 8 offers a nourishing blend that delivers eight essential benefits for your cat: Immune support, Digestive health, Lustrous skin & coat, Muscle strength, Heart wellness, Joint mobility, Cognitive sharpness, and Eye health. It’s nourishment that truly honors nature’s intent.

At the core of our recipe are fresh or raw poultry and fish ingredients, preserved naturally through refrigeration and peak freshness through freezing. Our authentic WholePrey diet mirrors what your cat’s ancestors thrived on in the wild - the most succulent parts of prey, including organs and bone.

Supporting your cat’s digestion is a priority, which is why we include prebiotics like dried chicory root and wholesome sources of fiber from pumpkin, collard greens, apples, and pears. With fresh or raw ingredients comprising two-thirds of every bag, you can trust that your feline companion is receiving the best nature has to offer.