Organic Wheat Spelt Cat Grass

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100% organic wheat spelt grass seeds grown in 100% organic vegan peat-free compost.

What’s in my cat's grass?
100% Organic Wheat Spelt Grass Seeds.
100% Organic, 100% Vegan, 100% peat-free compost.
What is cat grass for?
For cats (and small animals to eat).
There are many benefits to animals for eating cat grass. It's rich in soluble fibre which aids digestion and can help reduce and relieve hairballs. It can help cats that suffer from constipation and also help keep their breath fresh.
It’s full of nutrients and vitamins A,B & D, Folic Acid and chlorophyll.
It can help with parasites in the cat's stomach. When the cat regurgitates the grass, parasites get caught up in the chewed grass and can come out in it.
And it’s also simply a great mental stimulator for cats and a boredom breaker.
So many benefits 🪴