Worm Count Lungworm Test Kit For Dogs & Cats

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We have all been made aware that parasitic worms are harmful for our dogs if left untreated? But have you ever thought to question the long term effects of treating your dog when it's unnecessary. 

Due to the toxic nature of worming treatments most pet owners do not want to treat their dogs just for the sake of it, this as well as parasites becoming more resistant to these pesticides are why we think monthly test should be the new normal and treatment should be given only when required.

Why are there two different kits? The worm count kit tests for eggs in your dog’s intestines, whereas the Lungworm kit tests for the larvae (this takes slightly longer), if they test positive then they need worming.

It is recommended to use the combined kit every month to cover all bases, this simple and easy-to-use kit will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Each Worm Count Kit contains a freepost envelope for sending the sample back to the lab. You will receive your results within 48 hours of the lab obtaining your samples via email or post - whichever you prefer. All samples are tested twice to give a professional and accurate result.  

The kit includes:

  • Instruction leaflet
  • Worm (Green poo bag x1)
  • x2 small compostable zip bag
  • Lungworm (Brown poo bags x3)
  • x1 large compostable zip bag
  • Prepaid postage envelope (no stamp needed)