Lilys Kitchen Training Treats For Dogs 80g

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Nothing is more rewarding than teaching your dog to sit, stay and roll over (although sometimes it seems like the impossible!).
So we’ve developed these mini bone-shaped biscuits to keep their attention and to say ‘well done’.

These bite-sized natural treats are made with finest organic ingredients and are perfect for persuading your pup.

We’ve added organic rosehips for a rice source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, organic farmhouse cheddar for a tasty source of calcium and organic flaxseed as a good source of dietary fibre. Gimme five!

New Packaging? New Recipe?...

You may have noticed our Baked Treats have a new look. We haven't made any changes to the recipes – they’re the same tasty treats your pup knows and loves, but now they come in resealable pouches which keep the treats fresher for longer. Unlike the old packaging, which included an inner cellophane bag that couldn’t be recycled by any means, the whole pack can now be recycled via drop off points at most major supermarkets. This brings us closer to our goal of using 100% recyclable materials across all our packaging by 2025.

Introducing this recyclable material into our production lines, has meant that we have had to reduce both the size of the treats, and the number of treats in the bag. We know this is not ideal, but we have done our best to keep the costs and pricing as competitive as possible, while also honouring our environmental commitments.