LED Clip on Dog Light for Dark Nights

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Introducing our Light-Up Dog Tag – a sleek and functional accessory that's all about safety and style for your four-legged companion.

When the sun sets and darkness falls, this tag becomes your dog's personal beacon, ensuring they're seen and safe during those nighttime outings. With three practical settings, it's more than just a tag; it's a smart solution.

A single press activates the steady glow mode, providing steady visibility for those evening strolls. Double-tap for a fast, attention-grabbing flash, or triple-tap for a slower, more eye-catching pulse.

Choose from an array of elegant colors, including White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green and even a Disco mode for a touch of playfulness. Your pup's tag can now match their personality and keep them safe.

No more struggling with leads in the dark – our Light-Up Dog Tag adds a touch of sophistication and safety to every nighttime adventure. It's not just a tag; it's a practical and stylish addition to your dog's collar.