Kew Fat Balls 6 Pack

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Kew's Fat Balls provide a popular and low-cost source of food for your favourite garden birds, including robins, tits and finches. Each pack contains six high quality fat balls, ideal combined with our Kew Fat Ball Feeder. These fat balls do not come in plastic netting as this can be harmful for wildlife.

When to use - In short, all year around! Garden bird feeding has traditionally been considered a winter pastime for many. However, recent research shows that garden birds benefit much more from a constant, year-round supply of supplementary food than they do from seasonal feeding, and that your support throughout the breeding season improves survival rates of future generations.

Nutritional information
Composition: tallow, wheat, whole flour, black sunflowers, red dari, cut maize and calcium.
Per 100g: oil 17g, protein 7.5g, carbohydrates 51g, fibre 4g, ash 10g.

Why feed garden birds? - Most bird species have declined since the 1970s as a result of changes including intensification of farming, land development and pollution. Providing food, water and shelter for them in our gardens can make a big difference to their survival chances, and we benefit as well. Many people get immense pleasure and satisfaction from watching birds as they visit the feeders and bird tables.

Storage instructions - Once opened, store in a cool dry place and use within 3 months. Please note this product may contain traces of nuts, and is not intended for human consumption.