K9 Pursuits K9 Brain Game - Clouseau (Level 1)

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Bring out the super sleuth in your dog! The K9 Pursuits Interactive IQ game Clouseau made from wood, is designed to give dogs a fun treat seeking task that will challenge and keep them occupied for hours.

Clouseau has a difficulty rating of one paw. There are two discs covering three round chambers beneath where you can hide treats. The discs need to be moved by your dog to unveil the yumminess below. T

he K9 Pursuits Interactive IQ Clouseau game also features two sliding panels with air vents to allow the aroma of the hidden treasures below to flow through from a further three hidden cups.

Both product and packaging made from 100% recyclable materials.

Size: 2.4cm Depth x 24.5cm Diameter.