Friendly Readigrass For Small Animals 1kg

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Friendly ReadiGrass is 100% natural feed, made exclusively from
British Pastures. The unique low-temperature drying process removes
only the water leaving the fragrant aroma, vibrant colour and high
nutrient value of fresh grass. This gives a feed that is more
nutritious than hay, yet still contains the digestible fibre
essential for your animals health.

This highly successful product is carefully prepared to allow your
pet to benefit from the goodness of natural grass all year round.

The high feed value of Friendly ReadiGrass makes it an ideal feed
for all rabbits including those that are breeding or growing.

The high fibre content enables a healthy digestive system to be
maintained and limits the development of disorders including
overgrown teeth.

The drying process protects the product from deterioration and

Typical Analysis
Protein 12%
Oil 2.5%
Fibre 28%
Vitamin C 150mg/kg

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