Extra Select Mealworms

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Mealworms are one of the best selling treats for wildbirds.

Insectivorous wild birds especially Robins, Wrens, Tits, Blackbirds all love a mealworm or two. Mealworms are not only palatable for the little birds in our gardens but they are nutritious for them too. They're packed full of protein, fats and fibre which makes them a fantastic food source for all wildbirds all year round. We always recommend soaking your mealworms in water first so that it also provides a great source of hydration, which is especially beneficial to the birds in the summer months. To hydrate them simply soak them in hot water for around 30 minutes and drain and serve! It's that easy. 

These treats are not only suitable for our garden wildlife but are also a great nutritious treat for small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice. (not suitable for chinchillas, degus, rabbits or ferrets.)