Dogit Anti-gulping Go Slow Dog Bowl

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This Go Slow dog bowl is a great solution for dogs who eat and drink quickly. The ridges in the bowl encourages pets to eat and drink at a slower pace preventing indigestion, vomiting and GDV (bloating).

It’s so important to slow down your dog’s food intake, especially for the larger, barrel-chested breeds, because eating too quickly can lead to many digestive problems, including choking, throwing up, obesity, canine bloat and poor absorption of nutrients.

Many breeds are notoriously fast eaters sometimes beginning this habit of inhaling their food when they are just young puppies and if this is not curtailed it can certainly lead to worrisome or even fatal health conditions.

Dog Bloat or GDV (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus), can occur when a dog gulps his or her food and the stomach becomes enlarged and then twists somewhere between a quarter and a full turn. This is a very serious, often fatal condition that requires rapid treatment by your Veterinarian.
Generally, the dog breeds at risk of having their stomach twist are larger breeds with deep and wide chests, including some 25 breeds such as Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters, Rottweilers, Standard Poodles, etc., it’s not uncommon for some of the smaller breeds to also inhale their food at an alarming rate.
A slow feed dog bowl is a special dog bowl which is specifically designed to slow down how quickly a dog can ingest his or her food and in most cases these types of bowls can make a very noticeable difference in increasing the time it takes your dog to eat its food from 30-seconds to several minutes. (For more Info: