ChuckIt! Fetch Medley

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An original assortment of 3 Chuckit! dog balls.

The Chuckit! Fetch Medley features a trio of fetch balls to entertain your dog in different ways when playing fetch.

The Max Glow is the industry leading glow in the dark ball that get's charged by UV rays. To you non science buffs out there that's natural sunlight or a normal indoor lamp. This rugged, non toxic ball is brilliant for twilight fetch on a late summer's eve or an after work walk in the winter when the light is poor.

Chuckit's Whistler Ball is our favourite ball. When thrown you'll hear a gentle whistle emitted as the ball glides through the air. Your dog's hearing is more sensitive to the sound and it will excite him all the more.

The Rebounce ball is a ball made from recycled rubber that is a standard fetch ball. It's very bouncy and very durable.