Catit PIXI Smart Cat Water Fountain - White

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The Catit PIXI range consists of high-end cat supplies with a sleek yet whimsical design, inspired by their adorable office cat Pixi. The special blend of catitude and skill results in unique, user-friendly products.

Most cats love running water and this cute Catit Smart Fountain with built-in Wi-Fi ensures that they have access to a continuous flow of fresh, clean water ensuring that your cat stays healthy and hydrated. The super silent pump allows your cat to drink day and night without the fountain making a sound, so it doesn't matter which room the fountain lives in. PIXI's little nose not only provides a nightlight but also lights up in 4 different ways to indicate through the water level window what status the fountain is at, including; when to replace the filter, UV-C sterilisation active, time to refill with water or water has completely run out.

All the fountain alerts are sent directly to your phone through the Catit PIXI Smart App where you can see what action you need to take. If you aren't at home, not to worry you can share the App with friends and family so they can help with any alerts that pop up.

  • Ensure your cat has a source of fresh, clean water;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi;
  • Notifications to your phone when you need to replace the filter or top up the water;
  • Schedule the fountain to stay on all the time or to enter time-saving mode;
  • Controlled via the free Catit PIXI Smart App;
  • Included components: Fountain, triple action filter, USB Cable, Adapter;
  • Mains Powered;
  • Additional filters can be purchased separately (It is suggested that filters be replaced every 30 days for optimal results).