Catit PIXI Drinking Fountain - Pink

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The Catit PIXI range consists of high-end cat supplies with a sleek yet whimsical design, inspired by their adorable office cat Pixi. The special blend of catitude and skill results in unique, user-friendly products.

This cute, light up Catit PIXI cat drinking fountain encourages your cat to drink more which, is important for cats as it helps prevent urinary tract disease, a common health issue for cats (please note that this product was not designed to cure any disease or illness).

Featuring a raised back, this stimulates the cats to drink at the front and helps prevent spills and a low-profile rim to provide a whisker stress-free drinking surface. When the fountain isn't running, the saucer area allows your furry friend to still have access to water.

The fountain has 3 drinking options to entice picky drinkers; a bubbling top, a stream (with spout) and a calm flow. It is also super-silent thanks to the durable smooth ceramic bearing and ingenious pump suspension system.

The fountain includes a filter that cleans your cat's drinking water in three stages: 1. The cotton mesh filters out debris; 2. The active carbon removes odours and impurities and 3. Ion exchange resin softens tap water.

With a clear cat's nose and whiskers with an adorable backlit water level window making it easy to never lose sight of how much water is left. The cute nightlight also guides your cat to water in the dark.

- A large 2.5L (84.5 fluid oz) reservoir capacity which is ergonomic, user-friendly and is easy to pick up for a quick refill;
- The cute nightlight also guides your cat to water in the dark;
- It has a low water level alert with auto-shutdown, the nose flashes red when the water level inside of the reservoir is too low;
- Blue Colour;
- Mains Powered;
- Additional filters can be purchased separately (It is suggested that filters be replaced every 30 days for optimal results).

Suitable for all adult cats and kittens.