Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Treatments

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Cat Comfort:

Introducing the NEW Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Range!

Beaphar have been hard at work to bring you the very best Cat calming products at the very best prices. Use any of the products from the Cat Comfort range to help restore the peace, the calm and create a stress-free home once again

Beaphar Cat Comfort uses pheromones which are recognised by your cat, and are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance and help reduce unwanted behaviour. By using Beaphar Cat Comfort you can help your cat feel at ease anywhere. 
Ideal for use all year round, and suitable for everyday stresses and events such as fireworks, Beaphar Cat Comfort is an effective range of easy to use products. The pheromones used are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance in cats, and are particularly useful for cats suffering from anxiety, stress and changes in their environment.
The Beaphar Cat Comfort Product Range includes: 
- Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Diffuser (Starter Kit)
- Beaphar Cat Comfort 30 Day Refill 
- Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Spray 30ml