API Stress-Zyme

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API Stress Zyme improves the performance of biological filters and keep aquariums clean. It contains millions of live bacteria which break down sludge in filters, the gravel bed and aquarium decor. Use weekly and after water changes to reduce aquarium maintenance.

Aquariums are “closed aquatic systems”, meaning that there is no natural river or stream to carry away debris and other waste materials. Dead algae, solid fish waste, and uneaten fish food collect in the aquarium gravel. This results in an organic sludge build-up, slowly fermenting in the gravel bed. The decomposing organic material becomes a breeding ground for fish pathogens and ruins the appearance of the aquarium. Sludge build-up also suffocates beneficial nitrifying bacteria that comprise the biological filter. Adding specific strains of natural bacteria to the aquarium helps remediate the sludge build-up resulting in a cleaner, healthier aquarium. STRESS ZYME contains a unique blend of bacterial strains selected to reduce sludge build-up in an aquarium.

Making STRESS ZYME bacterial cleaner part of your tank’s regular upkeep routine assures an active biological filter, a cleaner aquarium, healthier fish, and good water quality.

    Usage tips:
    • For use when setting up new ponds, carrying out water changes.
    • Always read the instructions carefully before use.
    • Easy to use, the dosing cap included on the bottle
    • Use 5ml per 38 litres, weekly.
    • For new aquariums, to boost the filter, use 10ml per 38 litres for 2 weeks.
    • Treats up to 3,581L