Aluminium Dog Bone ID Tag - Gold

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Did you know that it is the Law in the UK under The Control of Dogs Order 1992 that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the owner's name (initial and surname), address and postcode engraved or written on it, or engraved on a dog identity tag?!

So what is legally required on a dog tag?

By Law you are legally required to put your name and address on your dog's tag. A house number and a postcode are all that is needed to specify an entire UK address. Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to put just those details and your name. This is particularly helpful on smaller tags where there might not be enough space for your full address.

With this being said we would highly recommend that you also add at least one contact phone number. But Why I hear you ask? Well, although the law states that only your address is needed it seems fair to think that If your dog gets lost you will be out looking for them and not sitting at home simply awaiting their return.
So definitely get your phone number engraved on the tag, even though it is not required by law.

Examples of the engraving information we recommend for dog tags are:

Mr S
No 31, SW25 6DH
01244 666666


Mr S Smith
31 The Street
SW25 6DH
01244 666666