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Canagan Pet Food

Canagan’s founder Edward Milbourne has been in the pet trade since 1989. Eddie launched his own brand starting out with Symply Pet Food. This was very successful and led him onto Canagan Pet Food. This award winning food was launched in 2012 and since then is now on sale in over 30 countries over four continents! It is sold in nearly 6,000 pet stores!

Canagan’s ethos has been built on building the very highest quality pet food. It has promised to never compromise on ingredient quality. This pet food has become our top selling pet food in both our stores and the animals are a testament to that. Pet owners come into the store with pet issues such as poor coat, itchy skin and flatulence. We ask them what they are feeding and if it is a low quality diet containing cereals we ask them to try Canagan for 21 days and to see the difference. Customers come back with excellent results and they can see the difference in the animals. They don’t go back!

We have seen the difference, a quality wholesome diet without unnecessary fillers such as grains can do. You are what you eat and dog and cat owners keep coming back wanting Canagan’s pet food again and again.

Dog and cats don’t have a dietary need for carbohydrates. Dogs could survive without meat but they certainly don’t thrive without it. Cats need certain proteins only available in meat- they physically are unable to survive without meat protein in their diet. Canagan have produced a high meat based food removing the unnecessary grains. The vegetables complete the diet making it a complete food with no need to add anything else. We have a lot of customers who add a little bit of high quality wet food which Canagan have produced cans for.

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