Natasha Harvey

What are good dog food brands?

The quality of dog food has increased dramatically over the past 3 decades. Gone are the days of feeding table scraps to your pet, the dog food available today is quite often better than some of the food available to us. Dogs are no longer seen as just a pet but as part of our family, hence the saying 'A mans best friend'. So whether you are looking for a grain free, gluten free, hypoallergenic or organic dog food, there is something available for you.

To list what dog food brands are good for your dog, we need to think about what qualifies a a dog food, as a good dog food. To help analyse all the dog foods on the market in the UK at the moment and list them as a quality dog food, we have made a list of what we feel justifys a good dog food.

A Good Dog Food Should:

1. Contain no artificial colouring agents.
2. Have a substantial meat based protein.
3. Contain low to no grains.
4. Contain no controversial chemical preservatives.
5. Have a clear and transparent ingredient list.

So after hours and hours of reading and researching into all the different dog food companies and brands we have picked a selection of our personal  favourite Dry Dog Food Wet Dog Foods and RAW Dog Food to share with you.

Our Favourite Dry Dog Foods Brands:

Our Favourite Wet Dog Foods Brands:

Our Favourite Raw Dog Foods Brands:

We hope that this has given you a clearer idea as to which dog food brands to consider for your dog. Please remember we are here to help, if you have any further questions or queries regarding which dog food brands are good for your dog, then please feel free to call us on (01273) 738016 and we will be happy to talk you through some of the options available and suitable for your dog.