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Dog Trainers and Behaviourists in Brighton and Hove

Pets are very much like children in the way that they behave and just like children without the correct authority and guidance they can Dog Trainingquickly start to misbehave. We have pet owners on a daily basis come into our stores complaining that their Dog is constantly barking or that their cat is spraying... these are all signs that pet owners need to identify early and deal with so that their pets can live a calm and happy life. (If you are a pet trainer or behaviourist and would like your details listed on this page then please feel free to email us at: and we will happily list you for free.) 

Here is a list of Pet Trainers and Behaviourists in the Brighton and Hove area:


Brian The Dog Behaviourist - Dog Handler
For help with Changing your Dogs Behaviour.

Hello my name is Brian.
I offer a professional but free service in exchange for a voluntary monetary contribution towards my costs - based on your assessment of satisfaction. If I am not able to solve the issues I will not accept any voluntary contribution whatsoever.
At the time of writing this I have a success rate of more than 96% overall and 100% success for every dog in the last 5 years.
The reason for this is because of the way in which I communicate with your Dogs. Communication in a the language that is used in nature and communication that animals readily understand. I use a simple and effective Holistic and Gentle approach which is both Calm and assertive. An approach which dogs crave. This is because Dogs love and need Rules, Boundaries and Limitations. Dogs love a job to do and they love to please their owners. The correct Dog handler will solve any problem behaviours that you wish to correct but I will also show you how to continue with this process so that after I have left, you will know what to do to continue to keep your dog feeling safe and content in your hands.
Using these methods I have helped many dogs over the years by changing their mental states and bringing you all back into a happy and content Family Pack.
I love what I do and it never gets old or tired, bringing dogs back to a peaceful and contented state of mind.
Having first discussed the situation on the telephone I will then come to your home by invitation ( or out-doors due to any health concerns re the difficult times - as at 2021 ).

Please see my Website for more Details :-

Telephone :- 07950 151416

Problem Pet Solutions - Are you having trouble understanding your pets' behaviour? Does your dog or cat behave aggressively? Do you need help training your puppy? Does your dog or cat house soil? Does your dog ignore you? Learn how to have a better relationship with your pets. Clare Francis RVN, BSc Hons, PG Dip CABC. Claire has been working with animals for over 20 years. She was worked with and studied wild animals such as 13 species of big cats. bears and primates. She has been working specifically with dog and cat behaviour since 2008. Claire can positively help you to understand and change the behaviour or your pets to create a better relationship. Website: Email: Tel: 07747770633


The Dog Hut Vet Referral Behaviour Clinic - We offer a complete behaviour consultation package that includes assessment, reports, treatment plans and ongoing 1-2-1 training. Your first appointment will be with Dean Hart and your assigned rehabilitation trainer. The appointment will be betweenan hour and a half to two hours. During your consultation you will be guided on why your dog is demonstrating the problem behaviour, be offered a diagnosis and given an outline of the suggested treatment plan. Practical handling techniques will also be demonstrated. You will also receive a full and comprehensive written report covering details of the consultation with a step by step rehabilitation plan. You will receive four rehabilitation appointments that are included in the treatment package. On top of this you will always have available telephone and email support between your visits and 12 months telephone and email support after your treatment has finished. Website: or Email: Tel: 01323482816

Paws 4 Thought - 1-2-1 Behavioural Training, Puppy Classes, Home Boarding, Reptile and Pet Feeding Services. Website: Email: Tel: 01273 261817 Mob: 07751045503