Rosewood Options Collapsible Travel Bowl

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The Collapsible Travel Bowl by Rosewood is a lifesaver for most Dog Owners. We could list the benefits and advantages of this amazing product but instead we thought we would let a Dog Owner and Customer Mike Anderson review the product for you:

"My dog is small, but this is large enough for a medium dog. I often give other dogs a drink from it as well, because my dog is not a particularly heavy drinker (I'll say nothing about myself!).

It's silicone, so virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe and easy to clean - even without a dishwasher.
Also, it's fairly stable when filled and placed on the ground.
I know that some dogs are a little fussy about which bowl(s) they will drink from, but I have never found one yet that won't drink from this one.

The real benefit though, is that it's collapsible and folds flat to next to nothing. I can take it along with me in a waist bag, together with a small bottle of clean water, and know that my dog can have a drink anywhere at any time. After use, I can just shake it out and it's virtually (not entirely) dry, and I can fold it back again for my bag. The odd small droplet of water is no problem. Of course you could carry a tissue or something if you prefer to dry it completely.

I think that it's one of the best accessories that you could possibly have on any outing with your dog. I certainly use it every day. (Review by Mike Anderson)"