Naturaw All Free Range Chicken 500g

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A fabulous single protein balanced meal of Organic British Chicken Carcass, Free range meat, and Organic Chicken liver. Great for on an elimination diet or also with sensitive tums. Compostable tub & sleeve.


*Please note* Due to an Avian Flu outbreak, all our organic chicken carcass in products with a batch date on or after 26/09/23 has been temporarily replaced with free range chicken carcass.

90% Free Range British Chicken with bone (Organic Chicken carcass & Free Range Meat Chunks)
10% British Organic Chicken Liver

Nutritional Analysis:

Moisture 72.0% / Protein 20.2% / Fat 6.7% / Ash (inorganic matter) 1.6% / Fibre 0.1%