Intersand Odourlock

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Intersand Odourlock – a clumping cat litter featuring unparalleled odour control.

When it comes to clay clumping cat litter, nothing can beat Intersand Odourlock’s new innovative odour control technology.
Odourlock effectively controls odours using its SMART ODOUR SHIELD, an exclusive technology that neutralises urine and faecal odours for 40 days! Simply put, it prevents the breakdown of urea into the vapours that cause the odours.

In addition, Intersand Odourlock is 99.9% dust free, ultra-absorbent, quick clumping and safe for both cats and their owners.

Intersand Odourlock offers you more benefits than any other litter:

Unparalleled 40-day odour control
Excellent absorption rate
Amazingly low dust, virtually no tracking
Gentle & comfortable for your cat
Ultra-fast clumping so it is easy to scoop & to clean

This clumping cat litter is made of all-natural clay. Its patented “Smart Odor Shield” technology blocks ammonia release, uniquely neutralizing urine and faeces odors for 40 days. This ultra-fast clumping and easy-scooping litter makes litter box cleaning so effortless. Intersand Odourlock generates less waste than competing clay litters: you’ll use 45% less litter per year. * Plus, it’s 99.9% dust-free, leaving no tracking on floors or furniture and keeping your cat’s and your family’s respiratory systems safe. It is soft and comfortable for your cat. It is easily carried thanks to its side handle and is manufactured in Quebec.