Extra Select Sunflower Heart Fat Balls 6pk

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These premium fat balls with sunflower hearts are perfect for all year round feeding. Simply hang in one of our lovely fatball feeders and watch as all the lovely wild birds come to your garden.

These suet balls are not only as yummy as the standard fat balls but they also contain sunflower hearts which are packed full of vitamin E and with trace elements of copper, manganese and selenium which are perfect for keeping the birds in good condition from beak to tail feathers.

Also, why not mix it up a bit and try one of our other variety of fat balls. You'll be the most popular garden in the area when the birds realise what a wonderful and ever changing variety of treats you have on offer.

Wheat Flour, Beef Fat, Kibbled Sunflower Hearts (13%), Peanut Flour.
Crude Protein 8.9%, Crude Fibre 2.7%, Crude oils and fats 32.4%, Crude Ash 1.1%