Catit Pixi Cat Water Fountain Filters 3 Pack

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The Catit PIXI range consists of high-end cat supplies with a sleek yet whimsical design, inspired by our adorable office cat Pixi. The special blend of catitude and skill results in unique, user-friendly products.

Catit Pixi Cat Water Fountain Filters contains three replacement 3-stage filter pads for the Catit PIXI Fountain.

The filter cleans your cat's drinking water in three stages:
1)the cotton mesh filters out debris;
2)the active carbon removes odours and impurities;
3)ion exchange resin softens tap water.

This reduces magnesium and calcium which can lead to urinary tract diseases, a common health issue for cats (this product is not designed to cure any disease or illness).

Replace every 30 days for optimal results.

For use with certified Catit PIXI Fountain Filters only.