Natasha Harvey

New Instore and Online Anco Natural Dog Treats

Here at A Coombs Pet Centre we know that we have a responsibility to our customers to make sure that we sell the very best in Pet Treats, Food and Toys. This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly and as such we are always vetting, researching and testing new products.

With that said we are excited to announce the launch of a tasty & healthy new range of Dog treats that meet with our high standards. What is this new range of Pet Treats we hear you ask? It’s Anco Natural Dog Treats!

Anco Natural Dog Treats come in a variety of packs from Goose Necks to Deer Hide and Wild Boar Trotters. They are 100% Natural and Tasty and carry the following promises from Anco:

  • NO Artificial Colourings
  • NO Artificial Fragrances
  • NO Artificial Flavours
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Additives
  • Gluten Free Treats

With so many pet treats available in discount stores containing hidden nasties, E numbers and a variety of cereals it is so refreshing to see this range of natural and nutritious treats with simple and transparent ingredients.

You can rest at ease when you feed your Dog one of these yummy new snacks. It’s a range that takes dog treats back to basics, back to nature. The way pet treats should be.

Have a look through this new range today, be bold and treat your Dog to something new, something tasty, something healthy - Anco Natural Dog Treats!