Mcadams The New Ethical, Grain Free Dog Food! - A Coombs Pet Centre
Natasha Harvey

Mcadams The New Ethical, Grain Free Dog Food!

We are very excited at A Coombs Pet Centre to announce the launch of a new pet food - Mcadams! Not only are they local to us (Mcadams is based in Hove next door to our Portland Road Store) but most importantly McAdams dog food is the only food that uses whole British free range chickens which come from DEFRA approved, ethical farms across the UK.

They use only the best quality ingredients for example most traditional dog foods are made using grains, derivatives and a powder called meat meal. These are often referred to on ingredient lists as “freshly prepared” or “dried chicken.” McAdams however is different. They make grain free dog food using whole British free range chickens and have made a high quality dog food which helps support ethical, cruelty free, British farming.

It is a complete, balanced dog food and comes in a beautifully packaged box. Each variety is suitable for all lifestages (so if you have more than one dog this may be a big benefit for you). Not only this but each box has added joint care in it to help older and larger breed dogs that are likely to suffer from joint problems from time to time.

The cooking process is different for Mcadams too. Mcadams is baked then air dried. Rather than cooking kibble at soaring high temperatures and losing countless nutrients, it is slow roasted and then dried in warm air ovens. This rather unique method of baking the food means that the moisture content is slowly reduced and the food retains as much nutrients as possible plus it helps keep the strong yummy, meaty taste. The end result is a doggy delicious kibble with a roast chicken smell that all dogs are sure to love.