Natasha Harvey

Dental Awareness!

This week we are shining the light on your Dog's teeth! Oral hygiene is often overlooked but it is so important to your Dog's overall health and wellbeing. It is so easy for your Dog to be suffering from sore gums or toothache and not even know it. The problem is, if left untreated bacteria from these issues can enter the bloodstream and affect their heart, kidneys or even their liver.

A report by Vets estimated that a massive 85% of all dogs over the age of 4 are suffering from some form of periodontal disease. Don't worry, don't stress and have no fear because all of these problems are preventable simply by ensuring that you look after your Dogs teeth with regular cleaning and check ups.

Like breakfast and dinner, dental care should be something you do for your dog everyday. Although, initially your Dog may not like the poking and prodding in their mouth, with a little care and patience you and your dog will soon be on the way to a doggie dental dream.

To help you begin this new stage in your petcare we have listed some of our favourite dental products below. Whether you choose to go for the non invasive dental chew option or a more intense toothpaste and toothbrush option, the most important thing is that you begin dental care today.