Natasha Harvey

BBC NEWS: Ticks found on 'one third' of dogs, researchers say

The BBC News highlighted the increase in Tick cases this week. Shining the spotlight on concerning new statistics that state one third of Dogs in the UK have ticks.

Ticks that were once only thought to be found in rural countrysides have now found their way into urban areas too. The risk of your Dog catching ticks is alarming as ticks can carry Lyme disease which can be fatal to dogs and can also be transmitted to Humans.

You can find out how at risk you and your dog are by visting this website allows you to enter your location and it will tell you on a scale how at risk you are in your area.

We are advising all of our customers to make sure that they are protecting and preventing the chance of their dogs getting ticks by either using a Flea and Tick Treatment like Fiprotec and also by keeping a Tick Removal Tool such as the Tom 'o' Tick Remover at home just in case and to be aware of where they are walking their dogs.


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