Lily's Kitchen Shredded Fillets Multipack For Cats

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We’ve gone completely rogue (also known as 100% cat) and cooked up something that even the most independent feline will get off the sofa for.

We’re talking sumptuous shredded chicken nestled in a delicious broth, with a choice of additional mussels, ham, or our fish variety - Tuna with Salmon. Best of all, these recipes are made with natural ingredients, no added sugars (rare for cat food, we know) and of course, no grains.

This pack includes:

  • Simply Chicken Shredded Fillets (70g)
  • Chicken with Ham Shredded Fillets (70g)
  • Chicken with Mussel Shredded Fillets (70g)
  • Tuna with Salmon Shredded Fillets (70g)

    It’s also complete, which means this food has everything your cat needs - no not all cat food does. But our cats inspire us to do great things on their behalf. Whiskered Einsteins. So make good choices (unless you aren’t attached to that plant pot).


  • Delicious shredded texture
  • Made with proper meat and fish
  • Natural ingredients
  • No added sugars
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Complete and Balanced Recipe