Unipet Insect Suet Balls 6pk


SKU: SuB08WB195

These premium fat balls with insects are perfect for all year round feeding. Simply hang in one of our lovely fatball feeders and watch as all the lovely wild birds come to your garden. Wild bird add a touch of beauty to every garden. There is nothing better than sitting in your garden on a hot sunny day with the heat from the sun beating down on you whilst you casually watch the birds and their antics. It really is one of the most wonderful and relaxing ways to spend an afternoon. Now with these yummy suet balls, you''ll find your garden will become the place to go for all the local wild birds in your area.

These suet balls are not only as palatable as the standard fat balls but they also contain Insects which are a great source of protein and fat. Keeping your wildlife in tip top condition.

Also, why not mix it up a bit and try one of our other variety of fat balls. You'll be the most popular garden in the area when the birds realise what a wonderful and ever changing variety of treats you have on offer. They're particularly popular with wood peckers, blue tits and robins.

Protein 9.9%, Fat 30.39%, Fibre 0.8%, Ash 0.98%, Moisture 7.4%

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