Tetra Easy Balance


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Easy Balance Aquarium Water Conditioner 100ml by Tetra will help to reduce the need for frequent water changes by replicating the refreshing action.

Easy Balance Aquarium Water Conditioner:

Contains Nitrate Reduction Granules which will permanently reduce the nitrate levels in your tank to low levels leading to less toxicity;
Lowers Phosphate levels, which reduces the production of algae in your tank;
Stabilises the pH level and carbonate water hardness of your tank, keeping fish healthy;
Adds the crucial vitamins, trace elements and minerals which are essential for a healthy aquarium.

Easy Balance Aquarium Water Conditioner should be added to your aquarium on a weekly basis to keep your water fresh for up to 6 months; 2.5ml is required for every 10ltr's of aquarium water.

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