Swimbladder Treatment 100ml Plus


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Swimbladder is a bacterial infection which causes fish to lose control of buoyancy causing severe stress and death. Symptoms of swimbladder are fish floating to the surface, unable to swim down, sinking to the bottom, unable to swim up or rolling from side to side.

Interpet Swimbladder treatment destroys the bacteria which causes the infections. This treatment works best in conjunction with Interpet Aqualibrium tonic salt. Use the dosage table and pipette or measuring cup provided to treat the aquarium water. Ensure you follow the instructions provided in the Guide to Fish Health carefully.

Box Contains:

  • 1x 100ml Interpet Swimbladder – Fish Health Treatment 
  • 1 x pipette 
  • 1 x measuring cup 
  • 1 x Guide to Fish Health

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