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Lilys Kitchen

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Lily’s Kitchen combines the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients with the expert nutrition of a veterinary-approved diet. We work tirelessly with our kitchens to source high quality ingredients; with vets and nutritionists to create brilliantly

balanced recipes; and with dedicated producers to gently cook our meals in small batches without losing their nutritional integrity.

Crucially, we never ever use artificial additives, preservatives, colours or flavours, nor do we use any pet food fillers, like meat meal, bone meal, animal derivatives or by-products.

Because every pet is different, we create a range of recipes, including specific nutrition tailored for puppies and kittens.

All our cat food recipes are grain-free, which is essential for their health. We also have a range of grain-free recipes for dogs, for those who are intolerant to grains or who have sensitive tummies.

Wholehearted believers in the benefits of organic farming, we offer a specific range that is certified organic, which only uses 100% organic meat, fruit, vegetable and herbs. Our aim is to offer a natural and nutritious diet to as many dogs and cats as possible, which is why we also make a 100% natural range that uses organic ingredients where possible.

Health you can see

It’s easy to spot a Lily’s Kitchen pet from their beautifully shiny coat, but health happens inside too. Our customers regularly tell us that trips to the vet fall dramatically once they switch onto our food. Here are some of the benefits of our pure natural nutrition:

  • Helps support a robust immune system
  • A healthier weight
  • Reduced wind, and regular firm poo
  • Shiny coat
  • A newfound love for dinner time
  • Healthy clean teeth and fresher breath
  • No more doggy smell for our canine customers


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