Great&Small Grey Active Soft Pet Crate

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Transporting your pet and taking them on adventures doesn’t have to be stressful! The Great&Small Grey Pet Crate is a stylish and versatile tool that can be used for out and about with your beloved pooch.

These crates are designed with comfort and security in mind. They are extremely lightweight and breathable, perfect for short trips and taking your doggy somewhere fun! They come with both a top and side door, complete with double zip openings and Velcro fastenings. The extra small and small versions also have convenient carry handles for extra portability.

These crates come in a very neutral tone, so your doggy won’t be embarrassed in the park in front of his friends. Though the strong build and design of these crates is what really sets them apart. Made from a robust frame with metal poles, which can be conveniently folded up and down.

Please note that the attached carry handle is available in the Extra Small and Small sizes only.

Extra Small: L41 x W28 x H28 cm
Small: L51 x W33 x H33 cm
Medium: L61 x W41 x H41 cm
Large: L71 x W51 x H51 cm