Elite Radio Frequency Super Selective Cat Flap

Cat Mate

SKU: 12340

Elite Super Selective Cat Flap

Includes 2 electronic I.D discs (up to 8 unique I.D Discs possible) to control individual entry and exit through the flap - keeps all other animals out.
LCD display shows selected entry and exit lock status, cat location and time since flap last used for up to 3 selected cats.
Low battery indicator.
Requires 4 x AA batteries.
Timer function controls access for all your cats, e.g. to keep cats in at night.

Self lining up to 50mm (2") thick - ideal for all single/double glazing and any panel 0-50mm (0-2") thick.

Fully draft and weatherproof brush sealed flap.

Dimensions: 16.6 x19.2cm

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