Doodlebone Fleecy Jacket For Dogs



So who likes to wear a dog jacket? Older dogs, poorly dogs and those with kidney or heart problems appreciate a nice, soft, warm jacket for comfort through the winter, just like older humans. The same goes for puppies, whose small size and youth means, just like human children, they're not as good at keeping naturally warm as mature dogs. If you have a great big dog with thick hair, they probably don't need a jacket. They're naturally warm. But toy dogs and small breeds, especially those with fine coats, need extra help. Would your doggie love one of these?

If your dog needs a dog jacket this one's absolutely brilliant. The Doodlebone® Fleecy dog jacket is a clever lightweight solution to keeping dogs comfortable in cooler conditions. The Teflon® coating is soft yet durable, acting as a water repellent layer to keep the jacket – and your dog – nice and dry, and we've added neat reflective piping for contrast. It'll make your dog good and visible after dark, a handy extra safety feature.

Although lightweight, this dog jacket is still really warm, so your dog feels cosy and protected without being restricted and has a hole for a harness too. It's fully machine washable so always looks good, no matter how mucky and muddy your pet happens to get. And a choice of five sizes fits most dogs.


(Measurements are from the neck to where the tail begins. Each jacket has a toggle at the end which can be used to flatten the end of the jacket and bring it in towards the Dog more.)

XS -10"

S - 16"

MS (Medium Short) - 20"

M - 24"

L - 26"

XL - 30"


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