Great & Small Snuggle & Snooze Cosy Corner Scratcher

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Everyone knows cats love to sleep and scratch! Did you know cats will often immediately want to scratch upon waking up? It’s so important for our cats to be able to maintain their claws, and for this you need the perfect cat scratcher. The G&S Snuggle and Scratch range caters perfectly to your cat’s natural need to scratch and of course snooze!

These scratchers are incredibly tough and durable, and designed to withstand even the sassiest and sharpest of scratchers. In fact they are so suited to withstand your cat’s destructive abilities that they all come with a 1 year Workmanship Guarantee. The bases are heavy and thick so intended to take the full weight of your cat as he leans into the scratcher. The poles are covered in durable very tough sisal so your cat can happily scratch away time and time again.

Of course these cat scratchers have a softer side too. They are covered in a luxurious plush fabric and have padded bases for extra comfort. Some even have built in beds, so your cat doesn’t have to go far to revive his energy for the next scratching session! Your cat can wiggle, scratch, snuggle and snooze to his heart’s content with these premium cat scratchers.

They are designed to suit any home! After all your cat deserves the classiest cat scratcher around.