ChuckIt! Fumble Fetch

Chuck It

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The ChuckIt! Fumble Fetch Dog Toy just made playing football and fetch with your dog easier and more fun than ever before.

Like the Kick Fetch and Kick Cube, this Fumble Fetch has an inverted variable welt making it easier for your dog to retrieve from the ground but also the grooves encourage your dog to pick it up rather than chew it.

Simply kick it or 'chuck it' to start playing the Chuckit! way. Watch your dog chase after the Fumble Fetch as it bounces all over the place. Suitable for play in the garden, in the park on in the water as the Fumble Fetch also floats.

  • Interactive play that strengthens the bond with you and your dog
  • Puncture proof - no air!
  • Kick or chuckit it to play
  • Random bounce adds excitement
  • Durable canvas material 
  • Approx. 12.5 x 12.5 x 20cm in volume

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