Burns Green Oat Hay 900g


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Our Green Oat Hay is a delicious alternative to the usual grass hays available. The high fibre, low fat content will help to maintain a healthy digestive system and the coarse, fibrous stalks will encourage proper chewing, promoting excellent dental health.

To maintain health, rabbits should be fed a high fibre, low fat natural diet and hay and grass should form at least 80% of their daily ration. Our Green Oat Hay is a complementary food which should be fed with our Welsh Meadow Hay as the bulk of your rabbit’s diet. These delicious hays should be supplemented with fresh greens including wild plants, vegetables and herbs and dried herbs and wild plants such as our Coltsfoot, Dandelion, Plantain and Meadow Mix. Dry pelleted foods should make up just 5% of your adult rabbits diet.

Please note: Variation between batches of this hay is normal. The Green Oat Hay is grown in Poland where the weather conditions are better (than the UK) for growing this type of grass. The hay is usually harvested twice: in June and in September and there may be variation in the hay between these different cuts. Natural variation is dependent on the region of origin but may also arise if harvesting time is moved due to weather conditions.

Feeding Guide

Ideally the diet of the pet rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla should mimic that of their wild cousins. Grass and hay must be the bulk of the diet. Hay should always be available and supplemented with fresh vegetables, wild plants and herbs. Dry pelleted food and cereal mixes should form the smallest part of the diet. Young, pregnant or nursing rabbits or those housed outdoors may need more high fibre dry pelleted food.

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