Anti White Spot 100ml Plus


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Interpet Anti White Spot Plus is a water treatment that tackles the parasitic infection that causes white spot. The white spot that is visible on your fish is a cyst in which the adult parasite develops.
Anti White Spot destroys the free-swimming stage of the white spot life cycle. As this is the only stage of the life cycle affected by the treatment the product remains active for several days, ensuring the free-swimming parasites are destroyed as they emerge.
  • Cures white spot disease.
  • Eradicates the free-swimming white spot parasites.
  • Safe for tropical aquariums.
  • Breakthrough formula.
Top Tip: Fish disease is often caused by poor water quality. Use easy test kits regularly to ensure your aquarium water is healthy.

Dosage: 1ml of Anti White Spot + treats 10L (repeat treatment after 4 days).


Total Water Treated: 500 litres.

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